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Alfred Lauer Bigband
Jazz, Swing, Rock or dance sounds of the Ballhouse area, Boogie, Jive or Lindy Hop.
Stars and jazz stars from Europe and the USA collaborate with this dynamic Bigband to let that great swinging sound ring again! Also Rock and Soul, all according to the new swing trend, are part of the vast repertoire, encompassing 1000 arrangements, of this, Germanys most active and dynamic private Bigband!

Musicians like Rüdiger Baldauf (RTL-TV Show), Ack van Rooyen (United Jazz and Rock Ensemble) or Andy Haderer (WDR-Bigband).
International Vocalist like John Marshall (Solist “Elements”, Friedrichsstadtpalast, Berlin), Karl Frierson (Chartact De Phazz) or Joe Whitney (RTL Band) guarantee their every time sucess


Founded 25 years ago, the members of the Alfred Lauer Big Band are the very best of the German and international scene. They are musicians in the acclaimed broadcasting orchestras of the Southwest Radio (SWR), West German Radio (WDR), or the Saarland Radio (SR) and perform successfully at all the major festivals. Their biggest concern is to bring back to life the famous sound of the 'big band era'.

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